I don't know who needs to hear this but this is the time to STOP trying to figure out how to make money and start your side hustle by yourself. You're extremely busy and having me by your side will take so much weight off of you!

Not only will I have your content actually bringing you growth and results in just 4 weeks ... but you will be able to create your signature digital product that you can start selling on Instagram!  You will be guided by me step by step on how to build your digital product and a create a customized IG strategy that fits your busy lifestyle.



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If you're reading this that means one of the following applies to you :

*   You don't have enough time to learn how to create a digital product
*   You have no clue how to even sell on Instagram
*  You are unclear on how to get into the digital product space
*  You are overwhelmed by the online space and need guidance

*  You are struggling with figuring out a way to make extra income without getting a second job

*  You have a fear of being judged by others for selling on Instagram

*  You are frustrated with the Instagram algorithm

AND you literally have no clue where to start and no strategy on how to use Instagram to generate passive income!


Hi, I'm

My name is Kayla Lawrence and I am an Instagram Strategist who helps women in corporate America build their businesses & personal brands through digital product creation & passive income strategies. I have been able to build my personal brand on Instagram while I was still working a 9-5.  Although I had a lot of things going on!  I worked 8 hours per day, sometimes more.  But not only that, I'm a mother and wife as well.  I started out being all over the place, unorganized and confused about what my plan was and where I was going.

I was able to make 4 figures AS A SIDE HUSTLE INCOME by selling digital products and services.  I recognized that it was possible to make income on the side that didn't require me to show up EVERY single day as a full time worker AND I created my own digital products from scratch.

My biggest struggle when I was in corporate America was that I wanted to make extra money without having to get a second job.  I had a family that I actually wanted to see so that just wasn't an option I was willing to consider.  I wanted to find a side hustle that I could make extra money with but still have freedom of my personal time ... even with the small amount that I did have.


My goal is to help other


professional women and women in corporate America create a digital product that they can monetize using Instagram so they can make extra income every month that they can use to invest in scaling their businesses even further or start building a savings fund.

 I understand that there is a lot of pressure these days to rush and quit your job but that's not what I do here! I'm going to help you scale your side hustle that fits into your busy lifestyle.


 Look No Further!  The Passively Paid Accelerator Is Here To Help You Create Your Signature Digital Product & Effective IG Content & Monetization strategies

Here is what you can expect to achieve during our time together : 

You will identify what you are passionate about and how you can monetize something you enjoy.
You will have a digital product to provide to your audience.
You will feel confident in creating content that you ACTUALLY like & enjoy.
You will obtain the courage to go live and/or create video content.
You will understand exactly how the Instagram algorithm works.
You will be able to balance your 9-5 and side hustle  WITHOUT burnout
You will be confident in your ability to create content that connects and converts on Instagram



The unique thing about my program is that I do NOT give every single person the same exact strategy.  

We dive deep into your business model, your personal responsibilities, your daily schedule, and ways to put what you are doing on steroids and get even MORE results without adding more stress to your life.


**Due to the nature of this service, all payments are non-refundable**

Please see the payment plans that are available during the enrollment process.

Here is what people are saying about working with me on their Instagram strategies :


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Who is the Passively Paid Accelerator for?

  • Women who are looking to make more money on the side of their 9-5

  • Women who want to build credibility and social proof as the expert in their field

  • Women who want to build their overall confidence in themselves and their ability to create with an impact

  • Women who are seeking direction on what type of content they can and should create so they can generate more leads and sales

  • Women who are looking to either start their side hustle or generate passive income in their current businesses

  • Women who are ready to stop making excuses and start making MOVES


**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this service all payments are non-refundable**


If you select a payment plan, please note that you are committing to paying the full total amount and fulfilling the payment plan.

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